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London on the Inside | 19.08.2020

Wellbeing made easy with Weld

Fitness and wellbeing is a huge industry in this country and this has become more evident through the COVID-19 pandemic but with so many gyms, studios and practitioners out there it can be hard to find exactly what you want,

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Silicon Republic | 06.04.2020

Weld digitally connects users with health and wellbeing experts

Our Start-up of the Week is Weld, a platform that connects users with health and fitness professionals for advice on wellbeing, exercise, lifestyle and diet.

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SCRIBD | 28.02.2020

Get WELD Soon

The man behind new health and fitness platform WELD is 32-year-old Brad Woodhouse, whose battle with a rare form of brain cancer inspired him to help others stay healthy and avoid similarly harrowing experiences.

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BBC | 12.02.2020

CEO Secrets: ‘Surviving cancer gave me purpose in life’

In his early twenties, Bradley Woodhouse thought there was only one aim in business: to make money. But then he developed malignant brain cancer and came close to death. He says the experience showed him his true mission in life: “To start a business that really gave me a purpose in life.

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Absolutely London | 01.08.2020

Meet Bradley Woodhouse, Founder of WELD

Absolutely London meets the founder of WELD, the fitness app bringing the power back to customers and PTs.

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Metro.co.uk | 21.11.2019

Brain cancer survivor launches accessible fitness app to encourage people to look after their bodies

Brad Woodhouse found a new purpose in life after facing gruelling treatment for a rare type of brain cancer – and has now launched an app to help others stay healthy.

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