Health Pro Help Database

Got a question about WELD? We’re here to help. Check out our frequently asked questions and browse our supporting documentation.

How do I sign up for WELDPro?

Simply download the WELDPro app on the App Store or Google Play. Read more

What rewards does WELD offer?

We offer health professionals a 50% top-up guarantee per class hosted, a 20% weekly bonus and referral cash. Read more

What fees does WELD charge?

At WELD, our mission to to help people who help people… and doing that means being fair. We keep our fees clear, transparent and fair for all to see. You keep 90% of your class revenue. Our only fees are an 8% service fee – and 2% goes to referrals.

How do I get verified on WELDPro?

Upload your DBS check, insurance policy and qualification to the WELDPro app to get verified as a health professional. Download the document checklist

How do I fill out my profile on WELDPro?

Upload your picture and tell prospective clients a bit more about yourself! Follow our mini guide

How should I market my WELD classes?

We’re here to help you succeed! Download our class marketing checklist and check out our top 16 ways to earn with WELD.