Health Pro Help Database

Got a question about WELD? We’re here to help. Check out our frequently asked questions and browse our supporting documentation.

How do I sign up for WELDPro?

Simply download the WELDPro app on the App Store or Google Play. Read more

What rewards does WELD offer?

We offer health professionals a £40 income guarantee per class hosted, a share of a monthly reward pot and referral cash. Read more

How do I get verified on WELDPro?

Upload your DBS check, insurance policy and qualification to the WELDPro app to get verified as a health professional. Download the document checklist

How do I fill out my profile on WELDPro?

Upload your picture and tell prospective clients a bit more about yourself! Follow our mini guide

How should I market my WELD classes?

We’re here to help you succeed! Download our class marketing checklist and check out our top 16 ways to earn with WELD.