Hey team! We’re here to help you get the word out about your classes and keep people coming back for more. Here are five of my best tips to help you market your classes on Instagram, including some examples from WELD health professionals.

1. Create great content

Show potential customers what you’re all about with helpful, valuable content. This could be a few short video workouts or a carousel post demonstrating your online class. Always give value to your audience – that way, when you go in to promote your classes, they’re more likely to be receptive to what you’re offering.

2. Host a fitness challenge

This is a great way to gain more interest in your classes and upscale your services. Offer a fitness challenge or a mini-course to get people taking part in your classes regularly.

3. Post reviews

I fully encourage you guys to ask your clients to leave a review. If they can record themselves speaking instead of just writing it, that’s even better. A video story or written post is a great way to validate the classes that you’re offering. Over time, regularly sharing your reviews will really help you to build trust with your audience.

4. Offer rewards

People love to win things and rewarding your clients for taking part is a great way to boost engagement. Give a prize to the most consistent member in your classes at the end of the week, or offer a free session to people who bring friends to your classes. Get creative with it – you don’t have to be affiliated with a brand to come up with some cool rewards.

5. Be consistent

People need to see you a few times before they commit to anything you’re offering. So don’t give up! If you’re not getting enough people in your classes, it doesn’t mean you should stop posting about them. It’s a snowball effect. Show up on stories, speak to camera, demo your workouts and keep putting yourself out there. Seeing the person behind the brand is so valuable and your efforts will pay off.

Wrapping up…

I know some of this can seem a bit daunting and I’m not saying you need to do it all. To make it more manageable, just pick one thing and see if it works. It’s definitely helped me – I used to be so worried about others’ perceptions, but you just have to put that aside and work towards your goals. You’re great at what you do! Just go for it.

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