Hey everyone! Working out from home doesn’t need to be a compromise. With a bit of tech know-how, you can offer the same high-quality sessions your clients are used to – in a virtual setting. Here at WELD, we’ve noticed that these tips have been real game changer for health pros offering online classes, so we hope you find them useful too!

Before class

Make sure people know where to go

Remember to send your class attendees an email with the live stream link before the class!

It’s also a good idea to keep your schedule link on your preferred social channel. For example, put the link to your WELD classes in your Instagram bio and remind people to check it out. Or, if you have 10k+ followers, use the swipe up feature to include your class link on your stories. Just hit share when you create your event and copy the link into your bio.

Set up your space

Create a dedicated space at home to host your classes. Remember these quick hints to set you up for success:

  • Put your camera at the right height for your workout. The camera position might be different for mat-based yoga versus a high-intensity cardio workout, so consider your framing carefully too. Practice a few key movements in front of the camera before the session, so that you know you’ll be in frame.
  • Natural light is always best! Keep the light in front of you so that you are clearly visible to your participants.
  • Keep your space neat and tidy. By all means clear the room so that you have space to move, but make sure it’s not so empty it echoes! Place a few strategic items to absorb sound. These can also do double duty as a visual clue to your classes. Some plants and cushions might do well for a relaxed yoga class, whereas a punch bag and weights might fit the bill for a HIIT session.

Use what you’ve got

There’s a lot of technology out there to help health pros instruct online, so I get that it can be overwhelming. The main thing is that you use the best camera and speaker you have. For most people, this will probably be their laptop. Here are some setup tips to make the most of what you’ve got:

  • Make sure your laptop has enough RAM to cope with live-streaming and that the fan is quiet so that it doesn’t interrupt your sound quality.
  • Place your laptop so that you can access it easily if you need to let people into the virtual class.
  • It’s not a must, but a wireless mic or headset can make it easier to instruct and listen to your class attendees while still having the freedom to move and demonstrate.

During class

Think about branding

Ask yourself: What’s memorable about you? What’s something you can do to set you apart from everyone else?

It could be anything from your energy to your training style, the way you deliver your classes or your specific catchphrases. Personally, I like to use the same phrase at the end of my classes and do a funky little hand gesture. It’s become something that people distinctly remember me for. Portia even has a DJ in her classes which is mental. I’m super jealous of that one.

Add some music

Adding some sort of music or beat to your classes really helps to fill the dead space and can be a good way to add a great vibe to your sessions. You can even share the playlist right from your computer (on Zoom, click on Share Screen > Advanced > Music or Computer Sounds Only). This will allow you to control the volume and talk over the music when you need to.

Use video to your advantage

Although we’re online at the moment, a guided workout is still a two-way interaction. Encourage your participants to keep their video on so that you can see everyone, offer feedback on form and make sure they’re following along.

Keep participants muted

Background noise can be a problem, so it can be helpful to mute participants to keep your session distraction-free. Keep the atmosphere friendly and welcoming though! Whether that’s a quick chat at the beginning or checking in during the session, do what feels right to encourage interaction.

After class

Ask for feedback

Ask people what they want to see from you! Send out a text or email after the class to ask the hard questions such as: What did you like? What didn’t you like? What do you think I could have done better? Use this information to offer a better service.

Start small

Once you’re happy with your classes and attendance is good, then you can start to think about scaling up. Personally, I think it’s better to focus on filling one or two great classes first. Then you can start supplying more once the demand is up.

Use your class as a marketing tool

Once you’ve hosted a great class, don’t let it be forgotten! For example, share clips from your class recordings on social media to offer potential clients a sneak peek of what’s on offer.

Plus, once someone knows your training style and enjoys working out with you, it’s a lot easier to upsell them on personal training. At the end of your group classes, take the opportunity to encourage your clients to try out a 1-on-1 session for more specialised training.

Keep it up!

While many of us are looking forward to getting back to class, offering a professional online workout is a skill worth mastering. It’s a great way to diversify your classes and even expand your business by accomodating clients from further afield.

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